Staging Services

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you to sell your property!  If you are looking at this page, you are wondering about staging and may be asking yourself these questions:

What set’s More Decor apart from other staging providers?

There are a number of awesome staging professionals in the Pacific Northwest area, and we are proud to be amongst that group.  We find that customer’s choose us because of a connection, and we actually choose each other.  We share the same values, and mutual respect of each other.  We partner together to achieve their desired goals, and customize our services to meet their individual needs and budget.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach here!

Is it worth it in this market?

We can tell you from our personal experience that staging has made the difference in all of the properties we have worked on; and statistics show that homes sell faster and for more money when staged.


Click here for a few personal stories from a just a few of our dear clients:

Staging Stories 1          Staging Stories 2         Staging Stories 3

My property is high-end, won’t it sell itself?

High End Resale and New Construction Properties have a unique position in this marketplace as there are less buyers in this pool, creating less of a supply for this price point.  Staging is a smart marketing tool that high-end properties greatly benefit from.  The staging makes that special emotional connection with the buyer, resulting in a quicker more profitable sale.

I am living in my house, so can I stage it?

Absolutely, and you should!  Selling a property while you are living in it is stressful, so we work alongside you to help ease that concern.  We’ll walk through the home with you and help determine the best way to feature your own items and / or mix in some of ours during the sale.  Don’t worry, you can still show a beautiful property while the kids and dog are running around!

My property is out of date, shouldn’t I just sell it as – is?

This is great question, and one of our favorite opportunities to work with!  We have partnered with sellers helping them invest between $1,000 and $20,000 in updates that have increased the value of their property by 300%!  It’s amazing what a little paint, maintenance, decluttering, and updating finishes can do for a property.  More Decor partners with the Real Estate Agent to determine the best Return On Investment opportunities for any property.  And we have a great network of service providers that can do the work!  Click here for some personal stories

Property Update Stories 1      Property Update Stories 2     Property Update Stories 3